Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Erik Walters Testimonial about the Alberese Archaeological Field School

Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious studies, John Cabot University (Rome)
Erik WaltersBridging gaps. That is how I categorize the archaeological dig at Alberese on several levels. Each season the excavations reveal more information that challenges currently held scholarly opinions regarding ancient and late antique Roman economic and socio-cultural contexts and transformations.

The atmosphere among archaeologists at Alberese provides a free and open yet rigorously academic approach to and an exchange of hypotheses and theories concerning the interpretation of the sites and discoveries. Seasoned archaeologists, university researchers and professors, and post- and undergraduate students mingle without any semblance of professional or personal rivalry, while developing rewarding relationships and results for everyone involved.

The Alberese Archaeological Project is unique in its own context, its finds, and, perhaps most importantly, its directors, supervisors, and participants. The Alberese Archaeological Project is a prism through which economic, environmental, and socio-cultural trends of the 21st century may be better understood in order to avoid mistakes of humanity’s past and provide for a more positive future.