Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Edoardo Vanni Testimonial

Ph.D. Student at the University of Foggia (Italy); Site Supervisor at the Roman Cabotage Port of Rusellae
Edoardo VanniI had the opportunity to participate in the Alberese Archaeological Field School in 2011 as a site supervisor. 

As a trained archaeologist I can vouch for the importance of the site, not just for the archaeological history of a region but for understanding the economic and social history of the Mediterranean World. 

Sealed beneath centuries of alluvial deposits from the River Ombrone, the archaeological record is well preserved and impressive. It includes a series of archaeological remains – from storage structures, to kilns for glass production, to late antique burials – covering a long period, of great transformations, from Roman times to the early Middle Ages. 

The directors of the project are extraordinarily professional, not only as archaeologists but especially as teachers. 

They engage everyone in the decision-making process, discuss the excavation strategy, and share the preliminary results. The excavations are run efficiency, alternating on-site excavation and off-site work in the ceramics laboratory, and with moments of complete relax.  Each step is coherent. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Nobody is excluded. 

Furthermore, the environment of the unspoilt natural park facing the sea is spectacular. It will be your ideal setting for a formative and amazing experience.