Archaeological Field Schools Testimonials

Acadia Gribble Testimonial

Undergraduate student at John Cabot University
Acadia GribbleThe Alberese Archaeological Field School is an extraordinary opportunity for students interested in Archaeology and Classics. It offers us a unique taste of the work in those fields, an entirely hands-on experience with the site as our textbook. The Project is a resource for academia, a teaching tool, and the directors and specialists are among the best and brightest in their fields.

On-site, we learned about the practical aspects of digging, from identifying and drawing contexts to sorting and interpreting our finds. In the lab, we handled human bones, animal bones, pottery, and small finds, and networked with the specialists in those fields.It was challenging; but for me, as a Classicist, the work was immensely satisfying, because this excavation is painting a vibrant history of the region. It’s filling in the blanks and revealing how people really lived, what was important to them, and what happened to them. If you want to be a part of history, to actually see and touch it, and not just read about it, then the Alberese Archaeological Field School is the place to be.