Financial Aid and Scholarships for John Cabot University in Rome

Transfer of Financial Aid for Visiting Students

Students studying abroad at John Cabot University for one or two semesters have the opportunity to transfer their current financial aid from their U.S. home institution to JCU.

Students may transfer:

JCU is not authorized to administer federal loans to study abroad students earning credits towards a degree program in the US. Students can only receive Federal Student Aid from one university at a time. Therefore, your home institution must administer all of your Federal Student Aid, which you can then transfer to JCU, to meet your expenses while studying abroad. Student aid may be transferred to help pay for tuition / housing / meal plans.

Please contact your home institution's Financial Aid Office, to find out if your Student Aid will transfer. In most cases, financial aid is transferable.

How to Transfer Financial Aid

Fill out Payment Deadline Extension Request Form (PDERF) with your home institution's Financial Aid Office.

  • The PDERF will extend your deadline to pay JCU, until your home institution disburses your financial aid. The extension is only granted for the amount of aid you transfer. All other payments must be settled within the regular payment deadline.
  • Failure to complete and return the PDERF form may result in late fees, and a delay in class registration or housing assignment.

Email completed PDERF to [email protected] (Office of Financial Aid).

  • Upon receipt of your completed PDERF, the JCU Office of Financial Aid will send you a confirmation of your new payment deadline.

You may have to complete a Consortium Agreement, depending on your home institution's procedure. Please contact your home institution's financial aid office or study abroad office for further information.

  • JCU does not require Consortium Agreement's for the transfer of aid.

Deadlines to Submit PDERF and/or Consortium Agreement

  • Fall: July 1st
  • Spring: November 15th
  • Summer Session I & II: April 15th

Please Note: Students on Direct Exchange or students coming under an existing university agreement, are ONLY required to complete a PDERF if they intend to transfer aid for housing and/or meal plans.

Study Abroad students (Freshman Program, Gap Year or Independent) may also be eligible to apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship.

Have questions? Please email [email protected].

* Tuition deposits ($500) and housing deposits ($1,000) cannot be postponed in anticipation of your transferable financial aid. Deposits must be paid in full, on the specified dates, before enrolling for classes or being assigned housing.

** If your financial aid information changes during the period after you have received confirmation and when you begin courses, it is your responsibility to inform the JCU Financial Aid Office and complete a new payment deadline extension form.