Foreign Language Resource Center

Italian Tutoring Certificate in Italy

The Department of Modern Languages and Literature offers JCU students the opportunity to earn a Tutoring Certificate upon completion of one semester of both practical and theoretical work at the FLRC under the supervision of the Coordinator.
This unique experience will enrich participating students’ CVs, especially if they are considering a teaching career.

How to apply
In order to apply to the Italian Tutoring Certificate Program students should set up an appointment with the Coordinator Prof. Gina Siddu Pilia [email protected]

Please note: The FLRC accepts no more than 3 students per term.

Requirements for eligibility

  • Fluency in Italian to be determined by a proficiency test and interview with the Coordinator
  • Completion of either EN 110 with a grade of B or above
  • G.P.A. of 3.5


  • Accumulate 60 hours of tutoring
  • Be able to develop a study plan for an individual student
  • Be able to produce a written lesson on specific grammar and vocabulary
  • Be able to understand what kind of difficulties a student is encountering
  • Be able to assist students enrolled in Italian courses

Students will spend 4 hours per week both at the FLRC and in-class with the Coordinator, who will assign the student didactic tasks. During this time they will receive training in how to:

  • Tutor students on specific grammar points
  • Assist the Coordinator in organizing cultural events geared toward language enhancement (Conversation Tables, Language Exchange programs, etc.).
  • Develop a workshop on a given subject
  • Gather appropriate didactic and visual materials
  • Create exercises, power point presentations, also from a movie or a song
  • Lead a conversation with a student understanding her/his weak points

In order to earn the Certificate, students must have completed 60 hours of work at the FLRC. Tutors will be evaluated by the Coordinator of the Tutoring Center.

Upon completion of the TCP, the tutor will receive a certificate.