Antonella Salvatore

Antonella Salvatore

2010 Lecturer in Business Administration

[email protected]

Laurea, University of Pescara, 1995
Professional Diploma in Management, Open University, U.K., 2002
M.B.A., Open University, U.K., 2006 
Advanced Certificate of Human Capital Management, London School of Business and Finance, 2015
Advanced Diploma of Human Resources Management, London School of Business and Finance, 2016

Professor Salvatore worked as Sales and Retail Director for multinational companies such as Calvin Klein Jeans, Sixty Spa, Bialetti Industrie, Fila Europe. She opened subsidiaries in international markets, U.K., U.S., Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and Brazil; she negotiated distribution and franchising agreements with business partners in international markets.

Professor Salvatore is the founder of Osservatorio Cultura Lavoro, a multilingual blog aimed at understanding the labor market from a cultural and educational perspective.

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