Meal Plan

General Guidelines

Great selection!The Meal Plan is available to all enrolled students and can be used only at the Tiber Cafe in the Tiber Student Center. Participating students are issued electronic funds in the form of meal plan points on their student account.  

Meal Plan Points are quick and easy to use. Once a meal plan is purchased, the corresponding points are automatically credited to the participant's JCU ID and can be used to purchase any item sold in the Tiber Cafe and Bar (see menu options).  

Only the participating student can use his or her Meal Plan Points. Credits are not transferable and they cannot be resold. All unused credits are neither refundable nor redeemable for a cash-money refund but are transferable toward the next semester. Students should print a copy of these terms and conditions for personal reference.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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Chili and rice Yummy pasta Lots to choose from! Quiche anyone? French fries! Fruit and dessert

Benefits of Buying a Meal Plan

Convenience: no more fumbling for cash or coins

Security: funds are on your JCU Photo ID; if lost or stolen simply request a new ID!

Discounts: eat lunch before 12pm OR after 2pm and pay less!

Expedited check-out: just swipe your card; no cash, no change, no hassle

Roll-Over Points: Don’t use all your Points? No problem, they roll-over into the next semester!

Menu Options

Meal Plan Points can be redeemed for any item sold at the Tiber Café and Bar including but not limited to the all you can eat lunch buffet.

Lunch is served Monday-Friday between the hours of 11:00am and 3:00pm, dinner is served Monday – Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and aperitivo from Monday through Thursday from 6:00pm on.

The constantly changing menu offers a variety of traditional Italian cooking as well as international themed lunches.  A minimum of three choices are offered daily for the first and second courses along with your choice of sides, vegetables, fruit and dessert.  Don't forget the ice cream!

The Bar in the Tiber Cafe is open daily between 8am and 9pm and is a full service Italian style coffee bar offering you a variety of panini, snacks, espresso and cappuccino all day long. 

See sample menu!

Purchase Options

Students can apply for any meal plan package at anytime.  Simply choose the package and make the corresponding payment through the online payment system.

If a student wishes to cancel their meal plan they must submit their intent to cancel in writing to [email protected] by the cancellation deadline for the corresponding term. They will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the amount of the meal plan originally purchased.


13,000 Points
Up to 20 meals 
21,000 Points
up to 30 meals + 1500 bonus points
44,000 Points
up to 60 meals + 5,000 bonus points
56,000 Points
up to 75 meals + 7,250 bonus points
85,000 Points
up to 75 meals + 36,250 bonus points
10,000 Points

Cost and Payments

The Meal Plan Package can be purchased and activated by processing the appropriate payment through our Online Payment System.

Note: Students who are US citizens residing in the United States, permanent residents of the United States, or Canadian citizens pay in US dollars. Citizens or residents of countries other than the United States or Canada pay in Euros

PACKAGE A: €150 or $195 20 meals  13,000
PACKAGE B: €225 or $295 30 meals + 1,500 bonus points!!!  21,000
PACKAGE C: €450 or $595 60 meals + 5,000 bonus points!!!  44,000 
PACKAGE D: €560 or $745 75 meals + 7,250 bonus points!!!   56,000
PACKAGE E: €825 or $1050 75 meals + 36,250 bonus points!!!  85,000
REFILL: €120 or $145    10,000


Meal plan refills can be purchased at any time by making a payment through the online payment system.

Cancellation Terms and Fees

The Meal Plan can be cancelled by the first week of classes during a normal semester or by the first day of classes for a summer session. Students wishing to cancel their Meal Plan should send a written cancellation request to [email protected].

A cancellation penalty of 50% of the cost of the meal plan package purchased will be charged to the student's account, plus the amount of any purchased or meal plan points redeemed prior to cancellation.