Student Life

Options and Prices

Our primary housing options are the Gianicolo Residence and the Viale Trastevere Apartments. For Fall and Spring semesters, Off Residence Apartments become available only after the Gianicolo Residence and Viale Trastevere Apartments have reached capacity. During summer sessions all students are housed in the Gianicolo Residence. It should be noted that although the Off Residence Apartments do have the same basic amenities and services as the primary housing options, they are managed by a third party contractor and all related cleaning services and maintenance requests must be coordinated and overseen by the management company.

Students must understand that University housing is Italian by nature in every way. Our apartments have varied floor plans, aesthetics and furnishings. Quiet hours are to be respected and are strictly enforced in an effort to maintain a good rapport with the local community.

Wireless Internet, though available free-of-charge in many, if not all, apartments is not included as a basic standard amenity since local internet providers can be unreliable. The University does not accept any liability for problems with local providers and will not intervene in internet maintenance. For academic research, students should utilize the wireless internet service available on both campuses.


The Gianicolo Residence is JCU's most popular housing option and the only option available during summer sessions. It is home to a series of apartment-style student residences in Rome's Trastevere neighborhood and dedicated 100% to residents associated with JCU. The residence combines the classic architectural features common to the neighborhood with modern amenities and furnishings. This learning and living community is just steps away from the Guarini campus and a short walk to the Tiber Campus Student Center and its dining services. Apartments house between two and eight students and include a kitchen, bathroom(s) and a common living space. The building offers 24/7 security, a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and air conditioning. The Gianicolo Residence is home to the JCU Housing & Residence Life Office and houses Resident Assistants (RAs) throughout the building.


The Viale Trastevere Apartments is JCU's newest housing option recently acquired by the University as a result of the success of our Gianicolo Residence. This residence offers students the opportunity to live in a building which houses up to 95 JCU Students in addition to having the benefit of integrating into a building with local Italian neighbors. The residence offers spacious common areas and large apartments with modern amenities and furnishing. Each apartment houses up to 9 students and includes a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and small balconies. This building is located steps from the tram line and is a 20-25 minute walk from both the Guarini and Tiber campuses.

External Apartments (Overflow Plan)

In the event that Options A & B reach capacity, the Housing Office will contract external apartments through a third-party provider. Apartments will offer standard amenities (a kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms depending on the number of residents, and a small common area) and house 4 to 6 students in double bedrooms. It is important to specify that in Italy, "the common area" may not denote a special room (like a living room), but additional seating space in the kitchen. Students may find that no two independent apartments are alike.

Students placed in JCU Housing are responsible for reading and abiding by the policies and procedures outlined in JCU Housing Policies and Regulations .


Housing Options Housing Prices (*) Duration    Application Deadlines(including Housing Deposit)
 USD     EUR      
Fall Semester 2014
Option A:
Gianicolo Residence in Trastevere
$ 5,850  € 4,100 15 weeks                 June 1    
Option B: Viale Trastevere Apartments and other apartments outside the Residence $ 4,800  € 3,500
Single Upgrade $ 1,100  €    800
Spring Semester 2015  
16 weeks  November 1
Option A: Gianicolo Residence in Trastevere $ 5,850 € 4,100
Option B: Viale Trastevere Apartments and other apartments outside the Residence $ 4,800 € 3,500
Single Upgrade $ 1,100 €   800 
Summer Sessions 2015**
Summer Session I (Gianicolo Residence) $ 1,650  €1,150 5 weeks                 April 30  
Summer Session II (Gianicolo Residence) $ 1,650  €1.150 5 weeks May 30
Two summer sessions $ 3,300  €2,300 11 weeks April 15
Single Upgrade for each session $    300  €  250  5 weeks  

(*) ONLY students who are US citizens residing in the United States, permanent residents of the United States or Canadian citizens pay in USD; citizens and residents of other countries will pay tuition and fees in EUR according to the schedules posted on the Tuition and Fees section.

 **Please note that the Gianicolo Residence is the only housing option available during summer.


The Housing Fee (see above) is due according to the payment schedule that can be found on the Housing Request Form and must be paid before a student is allowed to enter his or her apartment. The USD$/EUR€ 1,000 Housing Deposit is deducted from the Housing Fee and is non-refundable. All payments submitted after the due dates will have a USD$/EUR€ 150 late fee applied to them. If a student is assigned a single bedroom the fee for this added option will be billed after move-in.

Housing Billing FAQs

1. What do I need to pay for housing?
Please refer to the Housing Prices table above.

2. What are the payment deadlines?

  Application deadline (*)
(including housing deposit)
Payment Deadline
Fall June 1
July 15
Spring November 1 November 30
Summer I April 15 April 30
Summer II May 15 May 30

For other payment deadlines, please consult the Tuition and Fees section of the website.

3. What if my payment is made after the posted date?
Late payments are subject to a late fee of USD$/EUR€ 150.

4. What if I don't get assigned to my first choice option and there is a cost difference?
Should students request one type of housing as their first choice, and it is not granted, they will be billed for the housing they are assigned. Students will be notified of any outstanding housing balances upon the conclusion of the drop/add period.

5. What happens if I paid for a single upgrade and don't get assigned a single?
Final billing for housing is done in compliance with the University's drop/add schedule. If a student who requested and/or paid for a single does not receive it, he or she will not be billed the cost of the single upgrade. If the student has already paid for the upgrade, his/her account will be credited for the fee. For questions on the status of student accounts, please contact the Finance Office at [email protected]. You will be notified of the single upgrade should you receive it.

6. How am I reimbursed if I've paid too much?
Refunds are issued after the drop/add period for the session that is over and the final tuition fees have been updated for all students. Please contact the Finance Office at [email protected] for more details.

7. What if I'm on Financial Aid and my funds aren't released in time for the deadline?
In all cases, the Housing Deposit must be paid, in order for a student to be considered for JCU Housing. Housing placement is not affected by the timeliness of Financial Aid payments, but you must present appropriate documentation to the University ahead of time. For further information, please contact our Financial Aid Office: [email protected].

8. What happens to my housing payments if I defer for a semester?
Students who defer for a semester can have all of their payments (minus the non-refundable housing deposit) transferred to the following session, within the same academic year. Students should make sure they are in close contact with our Admissions Office: [email protected].

9. How much will I be reimbursed if I cancel my housing request or withdraw from the University?
The Housing Deposit is non-refundable. Please refer to the University's refund policy.

10. When will I receive confirmation of my housing?
Students should expect to receive a Placement Notice around the application deadline for the corresponding semester.

11. When and how do I pay for housing? Will I receive an invoice?
The housing deposit must be paid when you submit your Housing Request Form and it is applied toward the corresponding housing fee. The Placement Notice serves as a payment reminder as well as confirmation of your placement. After receiving this, the remaining housing fee should be paid by the final payment deadline shown on the chart above. If you are a study abroad student, please check with your study abroad advisor if your home university has an agreement with JCU which affects your billing procedures.