Housing and Residential Life


Welcome to John Cabot University Housing! Open your mind to new and different lifestyles right in the comfort of your living room. At JCU your academic environment is American, your surrounding community is Italian and your neighbors come from all over the world. 

John Cabot is proud to offer an American education in an international environment to every student. The Office of Housing and Residential Life takes this commitment to the next level by offering living accommodations that place students in an international community of their peers. The University has carefully selected locations close to the main campus buildings and in nearby residential areas that encourage students to integrate into the local community.

The Office of Housing and Residential Life supports the American belief that students living in a community of their peers benefit both academically and socially.  However, JCU differs from a typical dorm-style experience and challenges students to take on the responsibilities that come along with living in a fully equipped, independent apartment.  Students choosing to live in JCU Housing will gain a true understanding of how to "do as the Romans do" while studying like an American.

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Take a peek inside a Gianicolo apartment!

(Please note that this is a student-made video of one apartment, courtesy of Lisa Ly, JCU visiting student Fall 2010.)