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If “doing a good deed everyday” is your motto, then we invite you to get involved with the John Cabot University Community Service Program! Our Community Service Program offers many different volunteer opportunities throughout the semester and it's never too late to make volunteering a part of your JCU experience! Remember that volunteering means serving a greater cause than oneself, giving back to a community and helping those who cannot help themselves. The Community Service Program hosts two information fairs at the beginning of each semester. Be sure to attend one of these fairs or stop by the Student Services Office to receive more information on ways to get involved.

Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Community Service Program is to nurture a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship; to instill in JCU students the importance of cultivating an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extends beyond the student's typical classroom or home experience; to increase understanding of the issues pertinent to the institutions with whom they work.

The goals of the Community Service Program are to:

·  Better integrate yourself within the community in Rome

·  Build your international resume

·  Strengthen your leadership skills

·  Cultivate relationships outside of JCU

·  The possibility to receive an official John Cabot University Community Service Certificate of Participation

Information Fairs

Community Service Fair
We hold two Community Service fairs at the beginning of the semester where you will hear from different presenters who will inform you about the volunteer opportunities available during the semester. By attending a fair, you will also have a chance to meet JCU students who are already volunteering and those that also share your passion for volunteer work!

Check the intranet calendar on MyJCU to find the times and dates of the upcoming fairs!

For more information email [email protected]