Performing Arts


Theater, in its collective nature, is an extremely peculiar art, able to work both on the individual, by strengthening self-awareness and talent, and on the collectivity, by promoting team-work and personal interaction, and this is exactly the kind of outcome that John Cabot University Theater area wants to promote through the JCU Theater Society and the Performing Arts Company.

JCU Theater Society

Daniel Roy Connelly

The students' experience in the JCU Theater Society will be enriched by a close analysis of the medium itself, through the study of classical, modern and contemporary pieces, as well as through practical exercises and lectures by expert speakers working in the field. The students' journey will eventually be completed by an annual performance from one of the pieces analyzed. So not only the students will be able to gain a theoretical understanding of the art of theater, but they will also develop the practical skills to be part of this immensely rich and, at the same time, enriching world.

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Performing Arts Company


The Performing Arts Company’s goal is to create a group of musical lovers who would like to commit in performing in a group chosen musical. Study abroad and degree-seeking student actors, singers and dancers are welcome! We are also looking for people who would like to help with music, scenery, stage management, technical assistance or make-up. This amazing team work and development of self expression and personal skills culminates in lively and colorful productions put on for the JCU community and the public every semester. 

Director - Gabrielle Ford 

Past Shows ​

Fall 2011: Into the Woods
Spring 2012: Chicago
Fall 2012: The Wiz  
Spring 2013: Grease 
Fall 2013: The JCU Musical Mashup 
Spring 2014: Nine: the Musical   

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