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Martial Arts Club

“It is not about how hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can take hits and keep moving forward, That’s what life is about,” said Rocky Balboa. This is the message of the John Cabot University Martial Arts Club. As long as they have the will, no matter how many difficulties students face, they will keep moving forward and find their way. With self-confidence, man can surpass his limits. Martial arts can help provide a student with this important factor. By discovering that they can do 100 pushups instead of 70, run 10 kilometers instead of 5, or handle pressure, exhaustion and pain more than they expected, they will learn that they can do anything, so long as they have the will. The skills learned from practicing martial arts will help students develop a strong personality, and the self-confidence to make better decisions in life.

The Martial Arts Club intends to promote exchange of knowledge of the various martial arts amongst students of different nationalities. The club wants to achieve the role of a common ground where people passionate about martial arts can practice and socialize. Students will also have the opportunity of discussing, practicing and comparing the different arts.

Semester after semester the Martial Arts Club approaches perfection by its extraordinary achievements. It proved and still proving that nothing is impossible in the presence of will and hard work; it is all thanks to its members who contributed in every success.

Would you like to participate in the Martial Arts Club at John Cabot University in Rome? Send an email to [email protected]!


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