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Art History Club

Who We Are

The Art History Club at John Cabot University is a community of art enthusiasts. We explore the vast material culture of Rome through gallery visits, exhibition tours, public lectures and much more. Our role as a club is to contribute to the cultural community of Rome. We strive to provide a social and academic network for students and scholars in Rome.


The Art History Club (AHC) engages with all aspects of the arts: creating, curating, excavating, collecting, conserving, studying, publicizing, and educating to enhance the experience of art and of Rome for its members.

We aim to:

  • engage students and scholars in Rome through exclusive arts opportunities and public academic and social engagements
  • collaborate with entities within and outside John Cabot University (JCU) such as international undergraduate universities and renowned research academies
  • create lasting networks that promote the study of visual arts on academic, personal, and professional levels


  • The Club organizes and coordinates exclusive access to gallery openings, curator-led exhibition visits, tours of artists' studios, and public lectures.
  • Public events instigate networking among students, artists, and art historians, and promote professional growth among members and contacts.
  • The AHC's public Lecture Series features international artists, art historians and art practitioners.
  • The Series acts as a forum for the exchange of academic and artistic insights and ideas, between the JCU community, the public, and art professionals.
  • The Club curates and manages art events and is the leading collaborator with the Frohring Library on the 4m2 Gallery.
  • Collaborative activities help build career skills including: events organization, curatorial work, management, publicity, educational action.
  • Each semester the Club presents an Art Auction in which students of all majors dress up as characters from famous works of art and celebrate the sheer fun of art engagement.
  • The Club's organized fundraisers support art-related student events and collaborations with other student clubs and organizations in Rome.

For details and to get involved contact [email protected]