Dichiarazione di Valore

Dichiarazione di Valore

How to Request a Dichiarazione di Valore

Students who wish to continue their studies at an Italian University to pursue a Laurea Magistrale will be asked to request a Dichiarazione di Valore for their John Cabot University Degree.

The Dichiarazione di Valore is a document issued by the Italian Consulate that describes and certifies a foreign degree; it is required for students who do not have an Italian or EU Degree and it provides eligibility to apply for admissions to an Italian University.

Requesting a Dichiarazione di Valore for a John Cabot University Degree is a very simple and rather fast procedure (the estimated time is between 4 and 8 weeks), provided you make sure that you follow the instructions in this section carefully and submit all of the necessary documentation.

You will be required to prepare a package of the following documents that you will eventually send to the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia:

  • Your Diploma with the Apostille
  • Your official transcripts with the Apostille 
  • A copy of your official transcripts in a sealed envelope
  • The Italian translation of your Diploma
  • The Italian translation of your Official Transcripts
  • A photocopy of your passport 
  • The Translation of the Apostille 
  • A prepaid envelope for those who wish to have the documents shipped in the US. A prepaid shipping label for those who wish to have them shipped outside the US. 
  • A cover letter which will include your return address; your email address and phone number, should the Consulate need to contact you for clarifications.

Print out our checklist and, before you ship your package, make sure you have everything you need!

Follow the step by step instructions we have provided for you:


SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK: We would be happy to hear back from you with any comments and suggestions regarding the process. Please help us help JCU Alumni obtain their Dichiarazione di Valore in the quickest and smoothest possible way! Write to: registrar@johncabot.edu