Dichiarazione di Valore

How to Request an Apostille

Requesting an Apostille from the Department of Education:

An Apostille is required and issued through the Delaware Department of Education in conjunction with the Secretary of State's Office provided you send the following documentation:

1. Original Diploma (If it is larger than 8' x 11' then it must be a certified raised stamp-copy since the Apostille has to be printed on the reverse side of it. The copy must be certified by the Registrar’s Office with the appropriate seal).

2. Original Official Transcripts in a sealed envelope with the John Cabot University seal. The transcripts are issued by the Registrar’s Office. If you cannot request them or collect them in person, please follow the instructions here.

You can also contact the Registrar and you will receive instructions on how to pay for the transcript fee: [email protected]

Please note that you will need a second official transcript for the Consulate of Philadelphia so you may want to consider requesting the two copies at the same time.

3. $30 for the Apostille on both degree and transcripts. Payments will be processed by the Secretary of State. The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Check: the check must be drawn on a US Bank in US funds; it must be made payable to the Delaware Secretary of State.
  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards are accepted. Please provide: card account number, CVV2 (this is the 3 or 4 digit security number off the back of the card), name/address of card holder, expiration date.
  • Cash: Only US dollars will be accepted, NOT euro. It is not recommended by the Department to send cash, for postal security purposes, however it is accepted.

Send the documentation (transcripts and degree) to the attention of Patrick Dunn at the Delaware Department of Education. Make sure you include your address in order to ensure that the documentation is returned to you directly.

If you are shipping from Italy, we strongly recommend that you send the documents either via express mail or by using the Poste Italiane service for shipping documents, so you can track the shipping and make sure it arrives in a timely manner.

4. The above documentation should be accompanied by a cover letter in which you specify your name, the return address, your email address and your phone number (in case they need to contact you for clarifications).

If you wish for the documents to be shipped back to you in any mail form other than the regular mail process (such as express mail), please specify on the cover letter that this is your request. As of now, they cannot charge your credit card for the shipping. You would need to open an account with FedEx or UPS, so that the Secretary of State can contact them once the package is ready.

The person in charge at the Secretary of State is Margaret Magnusen and she can be reached at: [email protected]

Your documents and the cover letter must be sent to:
Delaware Department of Education
Attn: Patrick Dunn
Higher Education Office
John Collette Education Resource Center
35 Commerce Way, Suite 1
Dover, DE 19904
Email: [email protected]