Reference Help

The Reference Librarians are available to help patrons with their questions, to assist them in their research, and to provide instruction on library resources and research techniques.

The Reference Desks are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and they are located in the Aurelian Wing and next to the Welcome Desk.

When the Librarians are busy, basic reference help can be given at the Welcome Desk.

The Reference Librarians can assist JCU users through a variety of methods to suit their schedules and preferences.

CHAT Ask Minerva                                     

Connect quickly with help via Ask Minerva, the library chat.

A librarian is available during Reference Desk hours.

If you don't receive a prompt answer leave your e-mail for reply: the librarian could be busy helping someone else!

PHONE  Phone

You can call the Reference Desks for help:

+39 06 681-91242

+39 06 681-91283

EMAIL E-mail

Requests can be sent by email at any time. You will receive a response as soon as the librarians get your message.

PERSON In person

Walk-in reference help is available at the Reference Desks during weekdays from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

USERS Make an appointment

In-depth research consultations can be scheduled with one of the Reference Librarians.

You can plan a consultation according to your needs and preferences. Weekend appointments are generally not available unless otherwise notified in the Librarians' online schedule.

Schedule an appointment with a Reference Librarian


Please be aware that
the Librarian may be busy
helping someone else
at the desk. Allow some time
for the reply or contact the
staff via email.
Minerva will answer