International Communications Institute

International Communications Institute in Rome

During our summer sessions the Institute brings together students, scholars and practitioners from around the world for the study of multimedia in the heart of the Mediterranean. We offer a variety of digital media production and media studies courses and organize a number of events that focus on media studies and communications.

JCU's two five-week Summer 2017 sessions are held:

Summer I: May 22 to June 23

Summer II: July 3 to August 4

For complete information about enrolling in our Summer 2017 sessions, click here.

Our courses in Media Studies, Communications, and Production are listed below (all are American 3-credit courses).  For our complete summer course schedule, click here.

Summer I 2017     
BUS 220 Business Communications
CMS 280 Intercultural Communications
CMS 331 Media in the Mediterranean
CMS 360 Race and Gender in Cinema-TV COM 101 Public Speaking: Oral Rhetoric and Persuasion
COM 111 Introduction to Visual Communication
COM 210 Introduction to Cinema
COM 221 Writing Across the Media
COM 230 Foundations of Digital Video Production
CW/DMA 360 Creative Writing Workshop: Videogames
DMA 399 Special Topics in Digital Media Studies: Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement

Summer II 2017       
BUS 220 Business Communications
CMS 330 Global Media
CMS/ITS 243 Cinematic Rome
COM 101 Public Speaking: Oral Rhetoric and Persuasion
COM 311 Digital Media Cultures
CW/JRN 346 Creative Writing Workshop: Travel Writing
DJRN 199 Introduction to Photojournalism

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