Lorenza  Parisi

Lorenza Parisi

2015 Lecturer in Media Studies

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Laurea, University of Rome "La Sapienza," 2006
Ph.D., University of Rome, "La Sapienza," 2011

Lorenza Parisi is a Lecturer in Media Studies at John Cabot University, where she teaches Media, Culture and Society and Digital Media Culture. She studies the interactions between social relations and digital technologies. In 2011 she received a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the Department of Communication and Social Research at the University of Rome "La Sapienza." In her Ph.D. thesis (Where 2.0) she explored the impact of digital media on place experience and urban space.  Previously she was a visiting student at HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) and at MIT Media Lab (Boston, Mass.). She is also Assistant Professor of‘Sociology of Culture and Communication’ at Link Campus University in Rome.

Her research topics include: 

  - Digital media social uses. Main topics: social media and self presentation; social media and natural disasters; social media and geographic stereotypes; online dating; e-learning; mobile communication

  - Civic engagement and political activism through digital media

  - Critical Algorithm Studies. Main topics: search engines; social media algorithms; location-based applications, online maps

  - Social media for public administrations, institutions and brands

  - Human Computer Interaction 

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