High School Collaboration

Opportunities for Italian high school teachers and their students at JCU 

As an American institution of higher education in Rome, John Cabot University promotes interaction between an international academic community and its surroundings. JCU offers cultural resources and educational activities to Italian high school teachers and their students.

Italy Reads
JCU’s English language reading and cultural exchange program, now in its 8th year, provides a variety of activities around a work of American literature.

Italy Writes
JCU’s national Creative Writing Contest for high school students whose primary language of instruction is not English. Since 2010, this contest has encouraged and recognized excellence in students developing their creative voice in the English language.

Italy Pitches
JCU’s Institute for Entrepreneurship offers this national, English-language pitching competition for Italian high-school students. Participating students will select a non-profit organization, study it and create a pitch to convince the audience to donate to its cause. 

Alternanza Scuola Lavoro 

All or part of the above-listed programs can be included as part of the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (Dlg.107/15) satisfying requirements for Italian high school students. Advance registration is obligatory. Please write to [email protected] 

How to Write a CV and Cover Letter and How to Prepare for an Interview 
JCU offers an annual program structured in 3-phases (a seminar and two subsequent workshops).

• Students learn how to write an effective CV and Cover Letter, and prepare for an interview.
• The total number of hours for this program: 17
• Places are limited and advance registration is obligatory.

The annual cycle that is currently underway (2016-2017) has a total of 835 students from 9 participating Italian high schools:

• Liceo Scientifico Statale "Talete", Rome
• Liceo Classico Sperimentale Statale "Bertrand Russell", Rome
• Liceo Classico "Lucano Manara", Rome
• Liceo Scientifico Statale "Isacco Newton", Rome
• Liceo Classico Linguistico "Immanuel Kant", Rome
• Istituto Gesù-Maria, Rome
• Liceo Ginnasio Statale 'Dante Alighieri', Rome
• Liceo Scientifico 'Morgagni', Rome
• Liceo Scientifico Statale 'Farnesina', Rome

ASL at JCU, Cycle 2016-2017 schedule:
Phase I, 2016-2017 – 9, 10, 12, 13 May 2016 (540 students from 5 Italian high schools participated)
Phase II, 2016-2017 – 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21 December 2016
Phase III, 2016-2017 – 3, 4, 5, 6 April 2017

Subsequent cycles will be scheduled as indicated below. Places are limited. Advance registration and formal institutional agreement obligatory. 

Resources for Teachers and Students

ASL at JCU – Project 1,  How to Write a CV and a Cover Letter and How to Prepare for an Interview -  These resources will be useful to students and teachers in preparation for Phase II and Phase III. 

ASL at JCU, Cycle 2017 schedule:
Phase I (3rd year students) – 8, 10, 11, 29, 30, 31 May 2017
Phase II (4th year students) – 7, 13, 20, 28 October, 17 November 2017
Phase III (4th year students) – 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 December 2017

ASL at JCU, Cycle 2018 schedule:
Phase I (3rd year students) – May 2018
Phase II (4th year students) – October/November 2018
Phase III (4th year students) – December 2018

If you are a high school teacher and would like to suggest an activity for your students under Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (Dlg.107/15), please write to us at [email protected] and we will consider the feasibility of your suggestion.