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John Cabot University Receives Generous Donation from Paul & Maxine Frohring Foundation 

January 8, 2014

President Franco Pavoncello is pleased and honored to announce that John Cabot University has received a $ 600,000 donation from the Paul & Maxine Frohring Foundation. This generous gift will go towards the support of the Frohring Library, as well as Faculty and Alumni development.

The Frohring Foundation, established in 1958, is an independent foundation supporting higher education and has long been a benefactor of the John Cabot University.  Paula Frohring, daughter of the Foundation's founders, is a cherished Trustee of JCU.

In a letter to Paula Frohring and her daughter Kristin Kushlan-Finkelstein, President Pavoncello wrote, "To see your continued support, and that of the Frohring Foundation, is a deeply moving sign of trust and sharing of common goals. It is truly inspiring encouragement and recognition for all of us here at JCU."

The newest addition to John Cabot University's Frohring Library, the Aurelian Wing, was also made possible thanks to a donation by the Paul & Maxine Frohring Foundation.

The entire John Cabot University community joins President Pavoncello in thanking Paula Frohring and Kristin Kushlan-Finkelstein  for their latest demonstration of generosity and support.