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STAND Presents Sorreasy for Madagascar Charity Open Mike Concert


Sorreasy Concert John Cabot University's STAND (the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network) presents:


Charity Concert and Open Mike Event!

February 6 Aula Magna  7:30-10:00

5 Euro Entrance

Free Food and Drinks


In Spring 2012, STAND sponsored a concert in order to raise funds for an orphanage in rural Nicaragua. JCU student and musician Riccardo Vitalone actually traveled to Nicaragua to deliver the money to the orphanage, which used it to buy medical supplies. The concert raised just over five hundred euros which the University generously doubled.

This semester, STAND has yet again partnered with Riccardo (now an alumnus) and other musical acts within the John Cabot community in hosting a fund-raising concert that will be held on February 6th. The funds raised will be donated to the organization Partners in Progress, which supports development efforts in rural Madagascar. Riccardo, who works with the organization, will again have the opportunity to witness the effects of STAND's fundraising efforts on his upcoming trip to the region. 

All students welcome to perform!

Look for donation cans around campus!