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John Cabot University Photography Students Showcase Work in Rome Gallery

"Il vero - l'immaginario," The Real and the Unreal, is the subject of a photography exhibit photo by Ariana Federicocreated by the summer students of John Cabot University's three photography classes.

Students of photojournalism, digital, and analog (pinhole) photography will show their work on Monday, July 29, 2013 at Rome's gallery Studio 9, Via della Moretta at 6:30 pm. Studio 9 is the gallery managed by Patrizia Rufini.

The photographs have been created by the students of John Cabot University professors Serafino Amato, Jochem Schoneveld, and Donald R. Winslow.

"A group of young people hunt for the right spot and the right instant, for the fleeting color awaiting their attention," Professor Amato said. "They don't photograph what they see for what it is in itself, but rather they set into motion a change of meaning, pushing the objective toward the symbolic. For the one who takes pictures, this is not a neutral process. But do neutral processes even exist for those who make works or objects of art?"

Whatever the experience of the author, whatever the technique in use, and even when falling short of the status of art, the object produced is the product of a powerful, changeable subjectivity.

"Thus John, photographing in color with the Nikon pinhole, shows us presences from outer space in the ancient city. (Literary precedents come to mind, such as Ennio Flaiano's Un marziano a Roma.) Emily indeed finds a flying saucer landing next to the Tevere," Amato said. "Each of these young photographers has begun to understand that with a digital camera, or even with the slow procedure of the large-format view camera, or even more, with the pinhole camera, we can recharge reality with a metaphorical, even metaphysical sense.

"Most of all, they have learned to respect the time needed for attentive observation, dedicating themselves to whatever it is they are observing, be it a plant, stone, or face, reproducing a reality that only superficially resembles the real, and often creating a truth that is objective and imaginative at the same time."

Please join the students and JCU community on Monday, July 29:

Studio 9, Via della Moretta
00186 Rome, Italy
6:30 pm

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