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The Center for Career Services offers internships for both degree-seeking and visiting students.

Our internships are offered on the basis of merit and compatibility with the host organization (they evaluate resumes, select candidates to interview and ultimately choose). Internships are highly competitive; we do our best to assist students, though we do not guarantee the student that he/she will obtain an internship.

A word of warning regarding internships at international organizations like FAO, WFP, IFAD, IDLO and the US Embassy: students who have American citizenship must apply directly through the websites of the organization or of the Department of State, many months in advance. Students should then notifying us after having applied following the appropriate procedure, so we can then contact the HR representative to inform the organization that the candidate is a JCU student. On the other hand, if a student has EU or dual nationality, he/she may apply directly through us.


Each employer will have his/her specific requirements for potential candidates, but to be eligible to apply for an internship through JCU Career Services students should have at least sophomore standing and a minimum GPA of 2.7.

Those who would like to complete an internship for credit must have at least junior standing and a minimum GPA of 3.3.

Time Commitment

It is understood that if students are enrolled in regular courses the internship would be part-time, meaning on average 120-150 hours in total, to be distributed over the semester in agreement with the organization.

Generally, interns work between 15 and 20 hours per week.

Summer internships are a little more elastic given the time-frame involved, but the details are agreed with the host organization.

For-Credit Internships

To complete a for-credit internship, students must first obtain an internship before finding a JCU professor to act as a sponsor and draw up the academic part of the curriculum.

The proposal must be approved by our For-Credit Internship Program Director. For-credit internships must be approved and registered as a course no later than the first week of classes.

How To Apply

Our internship catalogue can be accessed via the JCU Intranet. Internship and job opportunities are also posted on the bulletin boards in both of the JCU

Once the student has chosen the internship he/she would like to apply for, he/she should send an email the Center for Career Services ([email protected]) with a cover letter and resume/CV attached.